Sunday School Classes

Sunday school classes and Sunday Fun Day will resume on September 10, 2017. All classes start at 10:00am. Below are the range of classes we offer for children, youth, and adults.

Children and Youth

Preschool through first grade: Sunday Fun Day meets every other week and focuses on learning through music.

Elementary school (grades 2-6): This class uses the Dwell curriculum from Faith Alive.

Youth 1 (grades 7-9): This class studies questions like “What do I do when things fall apart?”

Youth 2 (grades 10-12): This class discusses No Easy Answers: Making Good Decisions in an Anything Goes World, a study which uses real life case studies to discuss how to live out the ten commandments.


Adult study group: Beginning April 9 this class reads and discusses C.S. Lewis’ dramatic and engaging fictional work The Screwtape Letters.

Lectio Divina: Lectio Divina (“divine reading”) is a slow contemplative reading of scripture with the purpose of opening oneself to God through the word. It involves a deep listening to a short passage of scripture, time for reflection, and prayer. Participants meet in the nursery at 10:10am on the first Sunday of each month to practice this traditional Christian discipline.

Special Events

We look forward to having as many special speakers or events as possible during the adult Sunday School time. If you have a passion for a topic and would like to share your knowledge or you have a recommendation for a speaker or a special topic you would like us to address, please contact the church office.