Weekly News February 11-17, 2018

Council Announcements

The council would like to celebrate and recognize the outgoing members of council for their faithful service: Nathan Bos, Joel De Jager, Mary Monsma, and Carol Van Ess-Dykema. Congregation, please take the opportunity to thank God for their gifts of service – and thank them as well!

The council would like to celebrate and recognize Grace Pool for taking on new financial bookkeeping responsibilities, including learning several new online systems. Congregation, please take the opportunity to thank God for her gifts of service – and thank her as well!
The council would like to celebrate and recognize everyone who contributed to the sanctuary’s Narnia décor, particularly Francis Smart for providing the painting of Aslan and Katie Apol for creating the nativity wreath. Congregation, please take the opportunity to thank God for their gifts of service – and thank them as well!


General Church Announcements

Ash Wednesday (February 14): join us at 7:30pm for a contemplative service and the imposition of ashes.  There will be a simple soup supper beforehand.  Please let Meg or Katie know if you can bring a pot of soup or a loaf of bread.

Newsletter Deadline: If you have something for the next edition of the church newsletter, please submit it  no later than Friday, February 16.

Lenten Series, Adult Sunday School:  On Feb. 18, Marjorie Gray will lead us in discussion of “The Signature of Jesus” by Brennan Manning and “At God’s Expense” by Clarence Jordan from Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter.  All adults are welcome, whether or not you can read the passage ahead of time.  If you would like to attend regularly and want a copy of the book, please let Joyce Campbell or Grace Pool know and we will order one for you.

Book Group is reading Where the Past Begins by Amy Tan for our breakfast meeting at Siyroush’s 9:30 a.m. February 24. All are welcome.

The 6:30 Bible study will meet on Saturday, March 3, at the home of Bill and Kathy Heetderks in Silver Spring.  Ben Wood will lead our study of The Remarkable Ordinary:  How to Stop, Look, and Listen to Life by Frederick Buechner.  Kindle and hardcopy versions of the book are available from Amazon.  All are welcome.  If you would like transportation from a metro station and/or information about the Bible study group, please contact Kathy at

Thanks: One of the Washington DC CRC’s traditions is its unfailing concern for people.  During my recent hip surgery and subsequent fall, I experienced that concern through messages, phone calls, flowers, and prayers. Effective doctors, medicine, and therapy are essential.  But to be remembered and cared for speeds healing.  It is priceless medicine that buoys the spirit and nourishes the soul.  For your expressions of love, I extend my deepest thanks. Your sister in Christ, Patricia Duthler.

Upcoming Church Event

February 13 – Elder’s Meeting (7:30pm)

February 14 – Ash Wednesday (7:30pm)

February 14 – Choir Rehearsal (following Ash Wednesday


February 24 – Book Club

February 25 – 75th Anniversary Meeting (after the service)

March 3 – 6:30 pm Bible Study


During the Week

(this is a new feature in the bulletin for Epiphany-tide & Lent to help us study and prepare for Sunday sermons and worship.)

 Monday:  set a timer (5 minutes is a great start, don’t go beyond 20) to sit quietly in the presence of God.  Don’t be quick to speak like Peter.  Just rest and listen, sitting quietly as you might with a good friend or loved one.

Tuesday: Read Mark 8:22-26 Why do you think Jesus heals in two stages?

Wednesday:  Read Mark 4:35-41 in preparation for this evening’s Ash Wednesday service. Note the interaction of divine love and human frailty.

Thursday:  Read Mark 8:27-30 Why doesn’t Jesus want the disciples to tell everyone that he is the Christ?

Friday:  Read Mark 8:31-38 Peter reacts strongly to Jesus here — what thoughts or feelings might he have been experiencing.  Jesus also reacts strongly to Peter — what reasons might he have?

Saturday:  In preparation for Sunday, re-read Mark 8:22-38.  In the context of the latter two stories, was Mark making a larger point with his two-stage healing narrative?


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